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    I am wondering if it is possible to place photos at the top or within the next of postings, rather than at the bottom. I am also wondering if it is possible to edit the photo, perhaps change the size or placement, once I have published.
    Thanks very much to the wonderful folks who answer so many of these questions, including others I posed last night.
    Bill Stoneman

    The blog I need help with is


    You can do both!
    You can post the pictures within texts of postings and also edit the photo size.

    A>Insert photo within the text of posts:
    1>Type your text in the post

    2>Take the cursor to the place where you want to insert the picture and click on “insert picture” icon (the first one beside the Upload/Insert option)on your post

    3>You will be prompted with a new window which allows you to upload pictures from your computer,url,and media library.

    4>Select the picture you wanna insert ,it will process the picture and give you a detailed summary of your picture which contains:

    5>You can do modifications as you want and then click on “Insert into post”

    You are done with your picture inserting!

    B>Regarding changing the size of picture,you need to have the knowledge of HTML.


    You can put images anywhere you want within the body of the post. Where it gets inserted depends on where you have the cursor when you click “add an image”. See this for more information on inserting images: .

    To edit an image after it is inserted, click on the image in the post editor, then click on the edit image button that appears at the upper left of the image (mountain looking icon) and to the left of the image you can enlarge or reduce images by clicking on the percentage increase (over 100) or decrease (under 100) buttons. Then click the “update image” button.

    In that same edit image window, you can click on the “advanced settings” tab to for additional settings.



    Thanks to both very much for this help. If I can ask one more, however, I do not see the advanced settings tab that thesacredpath mentions.


    Click on the image you want to edit in the post, then click on the edit link in the upper left of the image. At the top of the window that opens is an advanced settings tab. Click that.



    I’m almost afraid to ask, but since I’ve been using images more and more I’m hoping to get a better handle on text wrapping and the grouping / placement of multiple images. So far, I haven’t been able to do any of this well, so I usually end up settling for less than I want appearance wise.

    Can anyone point me to some good tutorial type help that goes beyond the bare bones stuff from support?

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