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Using Posts for a Newsletter

  1. I was wondering if it is okay to use other bloggers posts in your newsletter if they link to the original writer's site? I hope that makes sense. Basically if I read a post I really liked on another site, re-posted it on my site (of course the proper way, with the original author getting full credit, not trying to pass it off as my own) and then included it in my newsletter is that okay? I would of course again not try to pass it off as mine and link it to original site. What do you think? If anything it creates links and traffic to the original writer's site.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. phoenixtearsheal

    Hi :) I think it may be kindest to ask the blogger before you take their posts to use on your blog. They may not wish to do it. Not everyone is keen on the 'Media'! nor especially its too-often mis-representation and negative influences on peoples well-being.

    Also I don't think trafffic would necessarily be created back to the original blog and the reader would have already read the post on your blog.

    I say it would be kindest to ask first because bloggers put an awful lot of time and effort into what they publish on their own blogs.

    Hope that helps, all the best :)

  3. Dovesgold,

    I appreciate your response which is why I put it out there to ask others opinions. I believe there is an option in your settings for you blog to allow trackbacks which is when it is published on another blog as well but links back to your site. Not the greatest it at explaining trackbacks.

    Thanks again!

  4. phoenixtearsheal

    Hi, yes I don't use that setting myself :) but the points I made still stand. I
    t's all personal choice when it comes down to it, but I don't think it's ok to take other peoples things in general.
    I would prefer to read a blog in which the owner had created their own content and were expressing themselves, rather than rehashing others. But that's just me.

  5. phoenixtearsheal

    Having just looked at your blog I find it interesting that you say you are
    'providing professional writing services';
    and that anything purchased from you
    ' will become the copyrighted property of the customer and is not distributed or used elsewhere'.

    Doesn't quite tally with your willingness to take other people's posts to use in your newsletter does it. In fact it makes one wonder what you would actually be using these posts to advertise.

    Also your advertising to write for others, therefore you can write and do not need to take other peoples work. Just a thought there.

  6. Reposting is NOT okay - unless you get the author's full permission first. Reblogging is something different and (in my opinion, unfortunately) makes it easy to reblog posts.

    And as dovesgold quite rightly says - if you're a writer, you can write. Write your own original material and post that. Aside from any other consideration, your blog will do much better with original material.

    If you repost without full permission, then what you're actually doing is stealing.

  7. Read Auxclass and Timethief's responses in this post to be clear about reposting:

  8. @Dovesgold,

    I was asking in the forums for other writer's perspective on the matter. The question has nothing to do with my freelance site, but instead another site in which I am working on. Therefore I find it quite interesting how you're so quick to jump on me in this forum when I was merely asking a question and seeking feedback. My response to your first reply was not rude, I actually thanked you for your response. Just one more reason I find it interesting that it appears you're so quick to make judgements about what I would or would not be doing with the material. In fact just recently I had some of my work stolen (again from another site) and used on other sites so why would I steal other writers content. Lastly, how many times in my original question did I say I would not be trying to pass the content off as my own? If I was looking to steal other writer's work I don't think I would be on here asking for other writer's opinions.

    @absurdoldbird - thank you for your response. I will check out the link you have pasted for me. Reblogging is not something I fully understand which is why I had posed a question here about it, although I referred to it as trackbacks by mistake. Since doing so I have a read a few other articles on WP about it and still don't understand exactly why WP offers for you to "re-blog" someone else's content. As mentioned I am off to check out the link. Thanks again.

  9. @Dovesgold - and if I have jumped the gun here, so to speak and you weren't attempting to come off as rude, I apologize. I don't come to these forums to start trouble or argue with other bloggers/writers, but instead for help or insight.

  10. phoenixtearsheal

    Thankyou for you apology :)
    I think I would be helpful if you would you post a link please to this other blog you speak of, then we can come have a look at it :) thanks.

  11. Ahem.

    Doing what you propose is illegal UNLESS you have the blogger's permission in writing. My writing, for instance, is worth a fair bit of money and I could sue you if you did that to me. And if I had to, I would.

    Reposting the work of others on your site, in its entirety, even with a link back is not "giving credit" it's stealing. It's like going into someone else's house and taking out their stove, fridge, bathtub and living room furniture because you like it and putting it in your house with signs "FROM THOSE GUYS OVER THERE". Not good enough. Not legal. Not acceptable.

    What you CAN do legally and ethically is take a snippet of someone else's post, a paragraph or so, and link to the rest of the post.

  12. That you raincoaster as I read up further on reblogging that is what I see, that they are only a snippet rather than the whole post. I had noticed some posts were reblogged in full, which is yet another reason I had sparked the question.

    By giving credit I meant more than a link, but I completely understand what you are saying. As I mentioned up above, I have had a few of my articles stolen in there entirety and posted elsewhere. Thankfully when I contacted the site owners they were kind of enough to remove them.

    Whether content is worth money or not it's somebody's hard work and should not be stolen, trust me I understand that.

    absurdoldbird's link above directed me to timethief's site which explains that. As well after I had posted this I did more research on re-blogging as well and realized the site's in which I had found with whole articles, must either have permission or are doing something they shouldn't.

    Thanks again for all of your help.

  13. I would actually close this off if I knew how, as all of my questions have been answered thanks again for all of your help!

  14. You can, since you're the original poster or OP. Go to edit the first post, and you'll see you have a drop down that says "This post is ... not resolved" you can change that to Resolved.

  15. Thanks again :)

  16. I feel like such a dork today...I can't seem to find where it gives me the option of editing it...

  17. I'm not sure an 'off topic' topic can be marked resolved, can it?

  18. can I change it to a different category and then close it?

  19. or should I contact a wordpress admin? I see some of the older ones are closed, so there must be a way to do it...

  20. Don't worry about it. Eventually it'll drop to the bottom of the topics and people won't even see it.

  21. absurdoldbird - thanks again for your help.

  22. You're welcome

  23. phoenixtearsheal

    Hi Lilybull :)
    before you close the thread, it would still be nice if we could have a link to your other blog please , thanks :)

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