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    I have lately started using the publicize option, to connect my wordpress blog with a dedicated facebook page, and get more traffic coming in.

    I’ve started connecting my facebook and wordpress accounts using this tool:
    However, I’ve encountered a problem. I am the administrator of the blog, so I was able to link my wordpress account with my facebook account – and now every post that I publish from my account is publicized.

    However my blog is a multi-user blog, and has 5 other authors wish publish most posts. Since they are not administrators on the blog, it turns out that the setting options on their control panel do not include any “Sharing” option, needed in order to connect their facebook and wordpress accounts. So, they are unable to use the publicize option.

    How can I get the publicize option to work for them as well without making them all administrators, or have all posts from the web site publicized automatically to the facebook?

    I appreciate your help a lot,

    The blog I need help with is



    Afraid you cannot. The best they can do is use Networked Blogs or another app to add the posts to their profiles.

    But even better is if they post each link manually to FB, because FB is savvy enough to see autoposts and downgrade them to the point they almost never show up in your Friends’ news streams. Manually posted links are much more likely to show up; so it’s actually an advantage NOT to be using Publicize on FB.


    Thanks, Raincoster. Anybody has anoother takes on the issue?



    raincoaster is correct so I don’t know what you mean by another take on this issue. I do know as she has stated that you can use either Networked Blogs or RSS Grafitti for posting to Facebook walls if you prefer.

    RSS Graffiti periodically checks the RSS/Atom feeds that you specify and posts any new entries it finds to the Facebook Walls that you specify.

    You can get any feed written on any wall (Facebook Profiles, Fan Pages, Groups, Events and Application Profile Pages). In fact, multiple feeds to multiple walls. You choose the combination.


    Ok. Thanks a lot!



    You’re welcome.

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