Using Publicize on Multi-Author blogs

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    I have recently been added as an author on a large, multi-author blog. I could like to automatically Tweet links to my own posts, without doing the same for other authors.
    When I set up Publicize within my own post editing screen, does that apply automatically to the entire blog?




    Every Author of a blog can publish their own posts to an individual Facebook page, that he/she is an administrator/owner. Authors can publish their own posts and can publicize as well if it has been set up on their Global Dashboard. Publicize takes you to, where you need to authorize either a page or profile, where your posts are to be published. So what is required is for authors to an Administrator of that specific Facebook page.



    Setting Up Non-Administrator Users The above steps are described for Administrator, Editor, or Author user roles. If you’re an Contributor for a blog, you cannot use Publicize. Only Administrators can share their connections with other users.

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