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    I’m wanting to map the domain i purchased from on my blogspot blog.

    I have followed the instructions listened here – and blogspot is advising me to paste the codes they generated in my DNS manager, however when i go to my DNS it tells me that I have no domains in the list and that my new domain registration transfer is locked until the 31/03/2014??

    I don’t see the point in purchasing the wordpress domain if I now can’t even use it where I want to? Anyone got any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    Mapping and transferring are two different processes:

    1. Transferring actually moves the domain registration away from Domains can’t be transferred until 60 days after they’re registered.

    2. Mapping leaves the domain registration where it is (in this case, on, but points the domain to a different website. Thus, the domain would still be registered here, but you would map it to blogspot, and it would load your blogspot site.

    Since you bought the domain pretty recently, you’re not able to transfer it yet, hence the message about transfer being locked, but you can map it to blogspot by updating the DNS. I can see both your domains, so you should be able to do this.

    When you’re in your blog’s dashboard, are you able to go to Store –> My Domains and see your domains there?


    Hi Michelle,

    Thank your for your reply. I have a better understanding now.

    I wish to map my domain i purchased with wordpress to my blogger blog. SO that when people type in my custom domain it goes straight to my blogger page instead of my wordpress one.

    I went into store > domains and was able to see my purchased domains. However, when I clicked on ‘map a domain name you own’ it only gives me the option to map a domain brought elsewhere to one of my wordpress blogs. Any idea on how to map my domain purchased with wordpress to blogger?

    Thanks for your help


    Right, in the store, you can only buy the upgrade to map a blog TO To map it to Blogger, you’ll need to:

    1. Follow the instructions on Blogger’s end


    2. Update your DNS settings through the domain manager on to point the DNS to Blogger.

    You can find Blogger’s mapping instructions here:

    Choose “Top Level Domain” to get the right instructions.


    I have visited the instructions in the link that you listed and am fine up until step 6: ‘Now it’s time to enter the CNAMEs. Where it says Name, Label or Host simply enter “www” and list as the Destination, Target or Points to.’

    There is nowhere that I can see in the wordpress DNS settings that gives me the option to enter CNAMES in the format that blogger is requesting. Where do I enter my blogger CNAMEs in wordpress?


    On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs:
    Name, Label or Host field Destination Target or Points To field

    ^^^^ These are the instructions blogger has given me. Except there’s no where in wordpress DNS settings that looks like this to where I can just copy and paste my CNAMES.


    Besides from needing to know where I insert the provided CNAMEs in wordpress, I also need to know whether I need to add A records and/or change the nameservers.


    So I really just want to know how to make my purchased domain name (www. map to my blogger site ( and show the blogger content when typed it the url box.

    These are the two CNAMES blogger is telling me to put into my DNS on wordpress:

    and the A records are:

    Please just tell me where and in what format I need to add this information in the most basic steps you can. And also if I should change my name serves also, what I should change them to.

    Thanks in advance.


    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY? I have purchased this domain from wordpress but don’t see the point in having done so if I can’t use it how I like


    Nicola, you’ll want to go into your dashboard, to Store –> My Domains.

    Next to your custom domain, you’ll see “Edit DNS” as an option. Click that to pull up the box where you enter your CNAME and A records, an input the records you got from Blogger. If you need help with formatting, there are templates on that page. You can also see them here:

    For Blogger, only the CNAME is actually required. The A records are recommended but optional.

    Once you type in the records, click “save.” It’ll take a little time for the update the take effect — up to 72 hours, although it typically takes far fewer.

    Once the records are updated, follow the rest of Blogger’s instructions for making sure your settings are good to go on the Blogger end.


    WordPress is telling me to format the CNAME like so:

    CNAME <subdomain> <host>

    Bloggers instructions say :

    On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs:

    Name, Label or Host field Destination

    Target or Points To field

    So they’re both telling me to format them differently. I don’t know what subdomain or host to use where wordpress has told me to do so.

    As far as I’m aware the CNAME I need to add in is: www

    However when I put it into my wordpress DNS setting like so, it comes back with the error message: 1. This does not match any of the DNS record formats.

    I have given you all of the information can you please just tell me exactly what I need to write so that I can just copy and paste it into my DNS settings. I haven’t been able to work it out myself and I’m getting really frustrated as I just want this resolved already!


    Or if you can’t tell me exactly what I need to pate into my DNS settings, despite me giving you all of the necessary information, would you please be able to get another staff member who can




    I’ve added the required DNS records for you.

    If you are still experiencing an issue after 48 hours, please let me know, and I will investigate the issue further.


    Thank you so much. It’s working now. However, when i just type in it comes up with an error page, and only works when i type the www. in front.

    I think that this will be able to be corrected if I add the A records into my DNS settings. However I just tried to do so and obviously haven’t formatted them correctly.

    The A records are:

    Would you please be able to tell me how to format them currently for the DNS settings, or add them in for me again.

    Thanks again for your help!


    Ok, so is redirecting to blogger which is perfect – however when I only type in it takes me to my wordpress blog.

    How can I make it so that when the www. is left off, it still takes people to my blogger. As far as I know this can be corrected by adding the A records (see above comment), however I am still unsure how to format and do so.

    Please reply as I would like this matter fixed asap.


    Can someone from support please reply? Would like this matter fixed asap so I can use my purchased domain


    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY? I am getting really frustrated by the lack of support – Would like to know how to make the change above already!




    I’ve entered the required DNS information, as requested. Please allow 24-48 hours for the new settings to take effect.

    I apologize for the delayed response. I’ve added $26 in credits to your account.

    If you have any more questions regarding this issue, please let me know.


    Thanks so much!

    Sorry for the constant posts, just really wanted it sorted out. I appreciate your time and thank you again for your help.




    It’s no problem. We’re here to help.

    If you have any other questions regarding, please let us know :-)

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