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    Since the iOS app has limited functionality, I am using both that and Safari on my iPad (iPad 2, iOS 5.1) to edit posts. Using Safari, when in edit visual view, if I tap on an image, the image takes the place of the post (the text seems to disappear), and various elements of the Dashboard page slide to new and incorrect locations. For example, the wp-admin top bar slides down over the post edit window, and the editing bar sometimes disappears. The only way out of this seems to be to click Update, and then fix the problems on a computer rather than iPad. Just to be clear, these problems are with the Safari app, not with the iOS app, which has other problems.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Have you posied to the ios forums? ipad >


    The dashboard has limited touch interface support, so for right now you will have to rely on either the app where it covers what you want to do, or on a desktop PC where it doesn’t.

    It might be a year before the dashboard fully supports touch interfaces. It isn’t an easy task to support both touch and mouse/keyboard at the same time.



    The iOS forum is for the WordPress iOS app only, that is why I posted here.

    I suspected there were some issues with the touch interface to the dashboard. Oh well..


    See what I said right above your post.



    My reply was to timethief, in the first line, and to thesacredpath in the second line, but I was not clear. Thank you, thesacredpath, for the info, it was what I needed to know. I’ll proceed with the tools I have, and keep my eyes open for upgrades.

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