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    I use the same image at the end of each of my posts in my blog. Now, I have 5 files in my Media Library of the same image. Is there a way to post the image from the library without having to keep uploading it each time?
    Thank you.



    You don’t have to upload an image to use it again. Just go to insert image and look in your media library for it.



    Thank you Vivian. I’ll try that the next time I post!


    I’ve been doing it the hard way. I search for one of my earlier posts that uses the image I want, and then I copy the code into my new post. It always works, so I’ve never looked for an easier way.


    @sensuouscurmudgeon: That’s not necessarily the hard way! Personally, I prepare my posts in a text editor, and keep a back-up of their final html version; this way every piece of code I’ve ever used is readily accessible for copying and pasting.



    @pana-While I don’t do exactly that, I do have a text file for the HTML of my photoblog’s CC licenses. Saves a ton of time.

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