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    Hi. Though neither Bing nor Yahoo have picked up any more of my site than that contained in my forum questions, Google is already doing a fantastic job of featuring my site on their showing of links. I know you’ve told me to try to learn SEO, but I’m working all by myself as a novice, without guru help except for the wonderful support already supplied by your forums and the somewhat more mystical directions in the support pages. For example, in the section on putting in “meta key ‘content’ value,” different things appear in bold at the beginning and the end of the line. Am I supposed to highlight for copying both of the “<>” or only the one they show in the example? The same with the ” ” ” which encloses another part. Isn’t it supposed to be symmetrically copied on both ends of the “meta key ‘content’ value”? Or not? Sorry if this is stupid–I’m very leery of messing up the lovely job Google is already doing of covering my site. Bing I care about a little less, and am willing to give them more time to see if any other material from my site appears on them first.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi. I find that when I go to revise a post now, if it appears in the task bar at the top of the screen in yellow or blue, the revision didn’t stick. If it appears in purple or green (particularly green), there’s a good chance that it did. Why am I having to revise the same material again and again to get it to copy the editorial changes I make?

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