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    In my blog I ‘d like to have a side about training, where I log my time on my bike to and from work. Is it possible to do this a bit smoother than I have by using comments?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – By “side” do you mean “sidebar” — as in a sidebar widget?

    If so, yes — you could use a text widget and update the text widget each time you want to log this information.

    Here’s more information on the text widget:

    And how to use widgets in general:


    Sorry for my bad english, I mean my sykkel(b)logg. Is it possible to make new posts in this “side”?


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    I think you mean that you want a second blogging page?
    If so, that is not possible.

    If you want to write about different topics, use categories and a categories widget: clicking on a category leads to the posts filed under that category.



    I’m sorry, I don’t know what a sykkelblogg is. If it is on, please post the URL here. If not, I don’t think I can help further.


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    On second thought, in your case I suspect that you are writing about your bike rides to and from work only for yourself.

    You aren’t interested in having that information catalogued by search-engines—you goal is to keep a public record?
    yes or no?

    If yes, then I think you could have a page split into sections. Each section could be a week of your bicycle trips.
    Take a look at this:
    That makes one page with numbers across the bottom, but if you like I could tell you how to make links to each page. I’d suggest a link to a page with a week of records.

    I hope this helps?


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    I mean,
    “I could tell you how to make links to each page.”
    links to each number like “week of 18 April: 18 to 24 2010” so they could be easily found.


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    sykkel means bicycle? yes?


    Yes, are u norwegian? and my english is bad. But I’m talking about pages, of course. (in norwgian thats side(r)) Is it possible to have a page, and post different post in this page. Like it is today, I have one post and many comments.

    Sykkel(b)logg is a page, and yes, it is my log – how many k’s each week (clever :))



    Your blog front, or the pages you get when you click on a category in your category on a month in your sidebar, are dynamic pages: they display a number of posts, and they change content automatically when a new post is added. The pages you create under Pages > Add New are static pages. A static page is just like a post – like one post: asking if you can have posts on a static page is like asking if you can have posts on a post.

    Normally the tabs in your header are links to the static pages you’ve published. You cannot create posts under a static page, but you can make a header tab link to a (dynamic) category page instead. So: you want to publish ‘log’ posts that will show up when you click “Sykkel(b)logg” in your header. To do this, you need to assign a “Sykkel(b)logg” category to those posts, then click on that category in your sidebar, copy its URL from the address bar of your browser, and turn the “Sykkel(b)logg” page into a link to that category as explained here:

    But note that a) if you do that, the text you’ve got on that page won’t show up, b) those posts will show up on your blog front as well unless you set it to display a static page instead of your latest posts.


    OK; then I continue making comments, I’m not that good in “programming” ;)

    I don’t want the posts/comments in my “sykkel(b)logg” page to show as a new post in my blog.

    But do anyone know about an apps that count the k’s I’m cykling? It would be nice to fill in the number I make every day and the apps do the rest, in a fancy layout.

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