Using SlideShare for PPT embed- result empty page

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    I uploaded a ppt presentation to SlideShare and used their WP embed code and put it in the html editor. It’s still showing up in the html editor after I update the page, but the page itself is totally blank. any ideas?
    thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is


    It would help if you posted a link to the page in question.


    No, I would check the sourcecode of your page, see your HTML, and tell if and what is wrong. Problem is, this is what I”m seeing on your actual page:



    What happens if you upload it directly to your blog? It is a supported file type. I do know that it is possible to embed an Excel doc right in your blog. Would be interesting to see if it can also be done with Powerpoint…


    Oh my- I should have checked it in a different browser. It’s working fine everywhere except in Mozilla where for some reason flash is not working. Thank you Panos- as soon as I saw you were able to bring up the first slide of the ppt I realized what the problem was. Thanks!

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