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    I just tried to add a statcounter to my blog. Support says that you can add a statcounter using the widgets, but there is no statcounter widget. So I tried using a textbox, and now the textbox 2 is in top of another widget and none of the widgets can be moved; furthermore, the layout of my blog has been affected.

    How can I fix this?


    What browser are you using? If you are using Safari on a Mac, this is a known problem as Safari can’t handle some of the java they use here at WordPress. I switched to Firefox for working on my blog and it works fine.



    That’s exactly what I was doing. I’ll try Firefox, but I think one of my kids actually threw it away.

    Let me try– it would be nice to know these things ahead of time….

    Thanks so much, sacredpath!


    You are welcome. One other thing, make sure and use the HTML code for statcounter, not the javascript since WP will strip out the java as a security issue.

    The Safari issues have been covered in the forum and you may be able to find more on it by searching on the forum for “Safari.”



    It’s still not giving me a statcounter widget, and the format is still messed up.


    You have to put the HTML code into a text widget.



    Okay, so I took everything new off except for the stat widget, and my formatting returned, but I still want to add statcounter. Any ideas? I am on a mac.


    Do you have an account set up at statcounter yet? When you set it up they will display the HTML code you need to put into the text widget. Copy that code and paste it into the text widget. The little lined icon on the right side of the widget will open it up so you can insert the code.


    There is also a post in the FAQ that talks about adding statcounters.


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