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    Most of my items begin with a photo, and wherever I can, the photographer’s credit is included in the caption. Mostly use public domain sources which supply the credit references.

    Had a note the other day from a photographer, who complained he was NOT in the air force, as the credit said, but the army. You can see the exchange in the comments here:

    What I wanted to do was use srikethrough on “Air Force” and add “Army” in bold, but couldn’t manage it inside the caption. So I moved the credit outside/below the caption box. Maybe there is a way to do it in the caption box and I didn’t find it. But if not, please consider this a suggestion for a rainy day.

    My experience is that most people don’t read footnotes, but they will read captions.

    Thanks for listening.

    The blog I need help with is


    No you cannot format the captions. But you can imitate the style if you insert non-captioned images and use appropriate html coding – see here:

    Then you can format the caption text any way you like.


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    Captions can’t be edited, but you could use a table to simulate the effect:


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    Ooops/ should have hit refresh before posting…

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