Using the css upgrade, how do I change the font size for tags in my bueno theme?

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    I have the css upgrade for my bueno theme. How do I change the font size for tags (I want to shrink the size of the tags)?


    I checked and I don’t see any tags in the posts right now. I checked the demo site and I think it uses categories instead of tags, and I think till will make the font size for categories that appear at the bottom of posts in the Bueno theme smaller:

    .post-meta li.categories a:link {
    	font-size: 10px;

    If that’s not what you were trying to adjust, please provide and example link from your blog and describe exactly which tags you’re trying to adjust.



    Thanks, designsimply, for your response. Here is a link to my site from a couple of years ago, when I was using tags:

    I stopped using tags a while ago, and instead started using categories, because the tags were crowding the bottom of my posts. I want to start using them again, but I’d like to make the font smaller (maybe 8 or 9) so the tags take up less space at the bottom of the post. I used to be able to bring up the css style sheet for bueno, which was very helpful in making adjustments, but the customize page doesn’t allow me to do that any more, so any guidance you can provide would be most helpful. Again, I’d like to use tags again, but just have them appear in a smaller font.

    Thanks, in advance.


    Thank you for inlcuding an example link, that’s so helpful!

    I see the tags now and I found that they are in an element using a class name of “entry-tags” so you can target them like this in the Bueno theme:

    .entry-tags {
    	font-size: .9em;

    Adjust the number value until it looks good to you.



    Excellent–it worked! Thank you!


    Great! :)

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