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    Can I update my blog via the iPad? I have always used my computer to update- it died today and I need to be able to use my iPad to create my blog entries- is it the same? are there certain things I will no longer be able to do? thanks
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    Sure, I highly recommend using our app:


    It is not exactly the same, but I found I adapted to it pretty quickly. I do find myself sometimes switching between just using the web interface and the app mentioned by macmanx but can’t right now say what “behaviors” of each cause me to go to the other. I am not much of an apple person in general in regards to how they seem to hide files, but in working with photos, I find the app works pretty well. I can’t recall if I have been successful uploading pdf files using either interface. In general I can usually do my updates to both my AND sites using the app. Your mileage may vary.

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