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    I’m using the Splendio theme. I followed the directions to set up a static homepage using the Showcase template, and created a Sticky post which I want to have appear as a featured post on the Homepage. It’s not showing up there. What did I do wrong?
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    It looks like you have this setup and appearing correctly now.

    Are you still have trouble with something else?


    It’s not working correctly yet. My first sticky post is not showing up on the homepage. Here’s the post:

    Thanks again.



    The post is definitely there now at least. It’s #2 in the slider:


    Thanks, getting the hang of this. I want to change the order that they appear in the slider. Appears to be reverse chronological? Would I be able to change the order by “unpublishing” the earlier post and then republishing it?

    Next question: Why aren’t my images showing up in the slider? Can I also get videos to appear in the slider?




    On each of the slider posts, you can manipulate their published date via the Publish box to the right when you edit the post.

    For images to appear, they must be set as Featured Images and at least 180 pixels wide.

    The slider does not support videos.

    For more info, see


    I do have them set as Featured images and they are larger than 180 px wide. They still aren’t showing up in the slider.



    It looks like does not have a set Featured Image.

    As for does it work if you upload an image file that is exactly 180 pixels wide?


    OK, I tried re-uploading the featured images after changing them to 180 pixels wide, and they still aren’t showing up in the slider. What else can I try?



    Do you have any other images that you could try? Perhaps it’s just this particular file.


    Well, I have two posts each with a different image, and neither of them is showing up in the slider:



    We were able to track down the problem and are working on a fix.

    Sorry for the trouble!



    Hi masakinoshita,

    The problem has been fixed. Your images should now appear in your slider. Thanks for reporting this, and if you run into any other issues, please let us know.


    Thank you! The images are showing up in the slider. Are they at a fixed 180 pixel width? I just tried saving a larger image as a featured image, but it didn’t change the size of the image in the slider. (Maybe I need to clear the cache?).

    Thanks again!



    Yes, images in the slider are resized to 180 pixels wide.




    Sorry to trouble you again, but I’ve observed another problem with the slider. The text displayed in the slider doesn’t have the formatting that I put into the posts. Specifically, italics and line breaks are missing. Please compare the first slider text with the formatting on the News page:



    The slider is designed to only use the post excerpt, which means that all HTML (including formatting) is stripped out.


    I’m not familiar with using excerpts. Is it possible to do any formatting at all in an excerpt?



    No, not at all.

    Excerpts are used when formatting could break the overall display. For example, imagine the slider if it didn’t filter our HTML. Folks could then start the post off with am image, jamming the text up against the featured image, or worse you just increase the font size to crazy heights. Either way, it would cause a bit of a mess in the slider.

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