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Using Top Posts widget

  1. I added the Top Posts widget to my blog, but it seems to show just the posts with the most hits in the last few days. Is there a way to get it to show my top posts of all time? Failing that, would I use the Text Widget for this and manually select the posts I know are the top ones? Is there a way to easily embed links to these? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You're right the Top Posts Widget displays your most popular posts as of the last 48 hours.You can access this information without sharing it on your blog by going to Dashboard -> Blog Stats. There's is not Top Posts of all time widget. This has been suggested in several threads:

  3. Thanks, timethief. If I wanted to list the all time top, would I go to each post I wanted to list, copy the URL and paste it in the Text Widget box? Do you see any value in having a list of one's Top Posts?

  4. Hello again,
    I believe you can get the ifomation your need from your site stats page and indlude the links to the post titles in a text widget. But I do apologize as I can't be of much help with this. I have never done this and don't have any inclination to. I can see which posts have the most page views in my site stats and which posts have the most comments. I don't consider them to be the best of my posts and as search engines are already driving lost of traffic to them I don't need to "feature" them in any way. I'm more inclined to feature older posts that I feel have valuable content which has been overlooked.

  5. P.S. If forgot to mention above that I have a Popular Posts page which I link to in my custom menu.

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