Using Videoplayer on a hosted blog

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    I’m using Just Host for my blog hosting, purchased a custom domain through them and now want to use the WP Videoplayer to upload video to my account. The Dashboard on my hosted account wasn’t showing an upgrade option until I signed up for a account. I then mapped my domain through WP and then signed up for Videoplayer. My Dashboard on the account links to my hosted blog via the new mapping, but makes no changes. Now I’m starting to think I can’t sign up for premium features with a blog hosted through a third party, is this true? Anyone else tried to have a hosted blog and use premium upgrades? Is the only option to embed video from a site like YouTube or Vimeo? Have I screwed up somewhere in all this?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not too clear on what your saying, but you want to se’s premium upgrades on a self hosted blog?

    You can’t do that, we’re only for the accounts. and on, you can add YouTube or Vimeo for free without the upgrades. Same with self hosted, you can do much more without paying for anything but the domain, host, etc. since you can use Javascript and FTP.



    You have a wordpress.ORG blog and should probably ask this question in the appropriate forum,

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