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    this page:

    describes how to get to widgets:

    “Where are they?
    Inside your blog, click ‘Presentation’ and one of the submenus will be ‘Sidebar Widgets’

    yet when i follow these instructions, i only see “themes” and “theme editor” under ‘Presentation’. i’ve checked options elsewhere to see if i need to turn them on but don’t see them mentioned anywhere else. is there a plugin that i need to install?
    i am using the fluidity theme. could this be the problem?




    It probably means that the theme you’re using doesn’t allow widgets. Some of them don’t. You may not see the widgets at all until you switch themes, as there’s no sense presenting them to you if you can’t use them.



    why would a theme disable them? is it possible to turn them on in this case? is it not advised?



    Let’s start with this. You can unlink your ussername in the forum from that other site and link it instead to your blog. That way I will know which theme you have and be able to instruct you accordingly. There is no turning on and turning off. Some themes do not have widgets at all. So work with me here and we’ll get you up and running, okay?

    This will introduce you to some basic resources. And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

    (1) So which theme are you using?
    (2) Are you sure you have a blog and not a blog?
    The two run on different software. If you have a blog template from you are totally in the wrong support forum. In that case you need to be over here because we don’t have plug-ins at



    i was using Fluidity3c 1.0, and during the past 10 mins have been playing with other themes, which is why you think i have my user name linked to “that other site”. i believe that other site is my site with probably some weird theme applied. i changed it back to fluidity.

    it sounds like i’m in the wrong forum then. whoops. didn’t even realize the two (.com and .org) were different. i guess i thought some people installed the software on their own site and some used the same software hosted. looks like i learned something today.




    Yup you’re in the wrong forum. You’re welcome and best wishes. :)



    why would a theme disable them?

    To answer this question though, you have to add in support to the themes, they don’t diable the support. Some theme designers have already done this, some haven’t.

    You can find a walkthru on updating your theme here.

    But, as TT says, you do need to be at the other site.

    Good luck and hope this helps,

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