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Using WORD 2007

  1. WORD 2007 indicates that you can post to your blog from within WORD. To do that you must "register" your blog from within WORD, and is one of the blog providers it lists. The instructions require you to input your "blog post URL" and adds: "Your blog post URL is the URL of your WordPress xmlrpc.php file, which is usually located in the root folder of your site." How do I find this??? That is, what the [bleep] is the "URL of my WordPress xmlrpc.php file"?
    Thanks, Brooks

  2. I haven't even heard of this, but the server request for you blog would be:

    Report back on how you do with this!


  3. That's an interesting possibility, because I know there have been real problems with people copying from Word and pasting it into the blogs; it gets some weird HTML. Hopefully Microsoft has fixed this.

  4. Hi Santa, I am facing the same problem. What do I type in the blog URL post field? How do I find the xmlrpc.php file? I have been trying this for a while now and havent figured out how to solve this. Please help?

  5. looks good... but doesn't work. heres mine:

    Which justlaves me witht he dialog "Word cannot register your account"

  6. Got it. I had to reset my password for some reason.
    Seems to work fine now.

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