Using wordpress and an external file host

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    Here’s the email exchange between myself and the tech support:

    My website is and when I signed up for the webhosting I typed that in as my website address. So I guess the regular procedure with the “domain registrar” that you mentioned don’t apply? redirects to an Error 404 page. Does that just mean that the domain hasn’t finished “propogating”? Or do I have to do something to change it? Or can it be changed?

    My files are uploaded to the public_html folder and into the subfolder ‘shows’. Is there no way to copy and paste the url of specific files so people can download them in cPanel? It seems silly that I have to manually type out the url based on where the file is located.

    In the Legacy File Manager I can find a ‘download’ link but it points to this url: which is only accessible to download from with the username and password to my account. The url is also given, but that only leads to another Error 404 page.

    This is very frustrating. It should be the easiest thing to do as it is the most basic function of file hosting. The cPanel tutorial is very unhelpful.

    Hi Robert,

    I’m not sure that the subdomains have a control interface for changing your subdomain, but it must be pointed to our servers, and we cannot do this on our end. It must be pointed to our servers before any of the URLs including the domain name will work. You may want to check with to see if this is possible. If it isn’t possible, you will need to get a domain name to point to your hosting service instead of the subdomain.

    Norman O.

    Someone please help me figure this out



    You’ll need to contact support for this matter.

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