Using WordPress domain for Blogger.

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    I have changed the Registrar to GoDaddy but I can still only manage DNS from WordPress. So I have going to my blogger but cannot get because WordPress ‘owns’ that domain. How can I completely remove my domain name from WordPress.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member name servers are pointing to

    Name Servers:

    So you need to do whatever Blogger needs done to map the domain to your blogger site – there is nothing I can see that WordPress.COM can do to help get your Blogger blog up. I think you are pointing to Godaddy so that needs to be changed to whatever is required for Blogger to work.



    The domain I own, I bought through WORDPRESS and I want to detach it from my WORDPRESS blog. Completely. I have changed registrars but I cannot completely detach it from my blog.


    Staff is no longer pointed here and it is not attached to your blog.



    I detached it and I have no idea how. Yay?

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