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Using WordPress For Non-Profit Site

  1. Is it okay to use a WP blog as a primary site for a non-profit charity? A local well-known and respected organization that raises money to feed the poor needs a website and I figured the easiest option for them (none of them are web-savvy) would be a WP blog with contact information and updates. I don't think they want to accept donations thru the site, but there would be information on making donations.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. If it's contact information and media updates, it should be just fine and there are lots of blogs like that here; that's just my opinion, though, and opinions of individual bloggers are all you'll get in the forum. Maybe you should send a Feedback directly to staff and ask them.

  3. Will do. Thanks, raincoaster!

  4. Actually you need to ask staff on this one. Our answers are not official here in teh forums as we're not employees and any answer that we give can not be taken as offical. (Note the avatar.)

    Especially considering that even though it may be non-profit, it's still a business (At least under US law) and would be considered a ToS violation.

  5. "Might" be considered a ToS violation. As you say, that's up to staff. But I do remember them singling out a nonprofit for special mention in the blog as an example of just what they wanted to be used for.

  6. I sent an email to support with my question. I'll update this with their reply when I get it. Thanks, guys!

  7. From Mark @ WordPress:

    Please do tell them to use us - and tell them that if they have any problems that we are here too :)"

  8. Thank you for posting your follow-up. I've been thinking of recommending a WP blog to my little public library, especially with the summer reading program for kids coming up and the annual influx of summer residents. I certainly will now. What a fine community resource it could be.

  9. This was a super useful thread. I'm in the same boat and am currently awaiting name approval for a non-profit corporation. I like wordpress and don't want to move my blog. The only way I see myself wanting to move it is if the use of ads becomes a major issue for me (or more of one..hehe).

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