using wordpress i.d. to comment on another blog?

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    There is a website, not so much a blog, but it has comments and allows others to comment, provided you leave your i.d. through wordpress, google etc.

    I am having such difficulty. I have my wordpress i.d, and the site goes so far as to show what format: like this — http://name.
    okay, looks easy enough, right? Well….

    I get an error message that I ought to be logged into word press. I am logged in. I am at such a loss what this wants me to do for a few comments.

    Please accept my thanks in advance for your help. This is a homeowner’s civic association website, so it’s no big social media or top secret source. I just don’t get why my id won’t work.



    There have been recent changes to commenting. Have you read the sticky poost at the head of the forums?


    yes I did read those posts. I was doing all, I was and am signed in. I could not post otherwise.

    I saw where there were some bugs, but all seem to have been worked out. Unless I just don’t grasp how my id needs to be written, I’m at a loss. I’m new, but my account should still register.

    I’m open to any other suggestions.


    It is a homeowner’s association, so it’s a custom domain name, but that was worked out.
    I am going to try again.


    I tried again.
    First, I got “open i.d. error”
    The second time I got a message you bookmark the site. I know what bookmark means but why would that help?



    Can you tell me where exactly you’re trying to comment?


    Yes on the Riverside Heights Civic Association Inc. It’s
    that is not the exact as I don’t recall. I ended up commenting, but I had to use my google i.d, which I really did not want to. I got so many bizarre messages. I was signed in here, it was doing everything like showing me how the format was, it just would not work. Then the radio button accidently went into google, and I just signed in there and made my few comments. Whew. What a headache. I guess this site doesn’t like me.



    Ah, you won’t be able to use as your open ID provider because you don’t have a blog under your username here.


    That’s not what I read when I was reading about open ID. I have two blogs, but ah, no, not here.
    Anyway, I created another open ID with yahoo. I spent the morning reading about the four listed IDs that were options under the google one. But in the end it was easier to sign into my google account and just comment that way.



    Not sure if this forum question is still active. I have two blogs, and have had trouble commenting on other blog providers (Blogger) using WordPress. I have not had this problem before. It asks for my User ID, which is NOT my blog name (although this was not a problem in the past). I’ve used my user id 5arebral1, I’ve used both blog names, and regardless, I still get

    Your Open ID credentials could not be verified.

    Any ideas? This is a true pain in the neck. I’ve been using the name/website choice which bypasses this on blogs that offer it, but not all of them do. Thank you!

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