Using WordPress identity to comment on other blogs

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    I’m trying to leave a comment on a friend’s blog on BlogSpot. When I try to put my WordPress identity in, it tells me “you do not own that identity”. Hello, I do own that identity, what does it want? It won’t accept an email address.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Blogger blogs are a nightmare when it comes to posting comments on them. Open ID fails more often than it succeeds. BlogSpot software assumes that we have blog URLs that are the exact username match and if they aren’t we cannot post comments. The only way we can post comments is when the BlogSpot blogger selects the setting to allow comments by username and URL.


    Thanks for the advice, timethief! I’ll let my friend know that. With any luck she’ll be able to fix the settings.

    WordPress forever, lol. :)



    I’ve got some Blogger buddies who changed their settings so I could comment. Best wishes. :)


    Thank ‘ee! :)


    Just wanted to add that I managed to do it using the URL as you mentioned – thanks for the help!

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