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Using wordpress on Android browser

  1. I have tried many browsers and I cannot login to wordpress. I have the app and that's great for viewing my blog but I am trying to view other blogs and post on them. I cannot login, There's a certificate error, not trusted , i say continue then the browser can't connect to the server and I get a page not available. I have tried 3 android browsers, and none work.

  2. Have you tried our client?

  3. yes i have but I can only view my blog on your client. How can I view and post on other blogs from your client?

  4. You can manage multiple blogs on the Android app (version 1.0 and later).

    If you're having any issues adding more blogs to the app, the best place to ask the question is WordPress for Android forums. The developers and experts should be able to help you figure out the issues you're having with the app.

  5. But it's not my blog!

    And my question wasn't about your application. It was about the android browsers. Why can't I login to wordpress from an android browser?

  6. I'm able to do so perfectly well from my Android based phone (Droid Incredible). Commenting on other blogs works exactly like it does with a regular computer.

    What is the exact error message you are seeing?

  7. I am on T-Mobile Mytouch Slide 3g

    First it says "There are problems with the security certificate for this site. This certificate is not from a trusted authority."

    I click continue
    Then I get a popup, "Data Connectivity Problem- The server failed to communicate. Try again later."
    I click ok

    And I get a "Web Page not available." notice

  8. Ahhh, Android... gotta love it. I just returned a Droid X and am back to using my Motorola World, bad battery and all.

    I'm going to wait till Verizon gets the iPhone (hope, hope, hope, hope, etc.).

  9. It's not an android problem since I can view pretty much any site except this one. I can look at it, I just can't login.

  10. @mujeriega does it behave differently for you when using 3G vs WiFi?

  11. @hewsut I just tried it on wifi, and it's the same problem.

  12. I have the exact same problem! when I use the browser that came with Galaxy S or with the Dolphin HD browser. Its always the same, when I hit the https section Im prompted about the certificate and even though I choose "continue" I get an error saying that it couldnt "communicate with the server".

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