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Using WordPress' Spellcheck function

  1. So we are back to the basic problem, Google busts, but our wordpress checkers also fail to work...
    Well - nudge nudge, wink wink - aren't we at the right place, then!

  2. This is unexplainable. Search can't find anything like it. What can I say? If Google's toolbar is in your way your could delete it.

  3. It is adviced to upload pre-typed texts from a layout-clean note block, and not type into the text editor directly, but sometimes it's there where you want to add a few last minute lines, or change a whole paragraph. It would mean that you have to transfer the new text back to a Word doc, spellcheck it, bring it over to a notepad for a cleanup on hidden script nasties and hoist it from there back on line into the text editor. That's not practical. So an on line checker comes in handy. The wordpress checker has the nasty habit of losing it's tick-off on 'English' and the Language marking in Mozilla Extra also seem to have a mind of its own, otherwise there's nothing wrong with the tool. So indeed, Google goes out.

    And now I'll hand this topic back to rjohn...

  4. Try this, ctrl+n I think.

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