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    I am fairly new at this and have been searching for an easy tutorial on using RSS to auto-populate other blogs with my original wordpress blog

    Can anyone direct me? I am trying right now to use a plugin to do so between two wordpress blogs. But what about mypspace or multiply? I have googled with no such luck. Any advice would be helpful on both wordpress to wordpress population and some of these other sites.


    [Link fixed – drmike]



    Please note that i fixed teh link to your blog in your post. Using the ‘www’ bit like that is incorrect as the ‘alexmclean’ bit takes the place of it. 30% of the net including me and most search engine spiders won’t or can’t follow such a link.

    The myspace and multiply would actually have to be resolved on their ends as you would have to be working with their software. You can do it with wordpress with one of a number of plugins like you mention but you can’t do this from regular wordpress or You need something to receive the posts from your main blog.

    Please note that most hosts included Myspace wouild consider this to be a ToS violation as not having original content. You may want to review their ToS’es to see if your allowed to do this.



    Auto-populating blogs here breaks the ToS and will get the blog suspended.
    Not that you were asking, but in case someone happens along this post at a later date.



    I think he wanted to use his blog as a source, and have it populate to places other than is the best service I’ve found for aggregating several blogs into one.



    Thanks guys for the help! Yes, all I want to do is use my original content to populate my multiple sites – no copyright infringement here. I will check on the above links – thanks so much for being patient with a newbie.

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