Using WordPress vs. Joomla for security?

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    Hi folks,
    I created a website for my wife ( which she, as a school teacher, is always too busy to moderate and update. Unfortunately, Joomla is a security nightmare if you have forums on it. Every update to its community builder produces 1500 attempts by russian hackers to register or worse. It seems that somehow they know immediately if an update is applied to patch something.

    Fortunately, I can check these names against known forum spammers: but it is not automatic.
    I am so disgusted with this labor that I’d like to move to what seems to be more secure: WordPress. The interface would be easier to use for my wife.

    But I have a few questions:
    If you use a Forum on a WordPress site, are you any better off or are you going to encounter the same spam/hacker problem that will require constant manual oversight?
    Is there a way to preserve and transfer your valid user database and forums and posts to the new service?

    I wonder if joomla is targeted more just because it is a known security sieve…

    Or would anyone recommend Drupal or something else instead for some of these issues?

    After this experience, I would never recommend Joomla to anyone. What a time waster.


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    The best place to ask is at the and forums as although I can see it’ll almost certainly work better it then gets to the nitty-gritty of the ‘how’ which is best discussed over there.

    I look after the WordPress and bbPress for my wife’s site. No problems and it also has just what she needs. I found that drupal and joomla had far far too much extra stuff there – so why have it?



    Thanks Mark, I will

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