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    So I work for an international company that is quite big in China (1000+ employees), and they are expanding to North America (currently 10 people). Due to certain constraints with Chinese censorship and the delay it takes to post anything we want on the main website, we decided to create a separate blog for our company. Is it unprofessional to use to host the blog for our company?
    Most huge companies from what I see don’t use and use which we would use but we don’t have the resources/ manpower to maintain it at the moment. Are there any examples out there who use This concern arose from the “hosted at by xxxxxxx theme” at the bottom of our blog that we can’t get rid of. We aren’t using the blog for profit, it’s just for disseminating information.



    It is not unprofessional, although a lot of people who get paid to develop websites will try to convince you.

    If your ultimate goal is dissemination of information, then a blog here is probably a better choice because of the SEO value. Hardly anyone reads the footer, just get a custom domain upgrade if you want to look more professional.

    CNN and many billion dollar companies use and carry that link in their footer. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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