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    I see that you need buddypress or a plug in like it to turn your into a social place, is there anyway you can you turn into a social network without a plug ng? I need member profiles etc etc. I don’t want to use softward because I dont know anything about how to back it up…When you answer, please be aware I knew some about computers but probably not anything close to what you guys know so please answer in laymens terms :)
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    No, you can’t use plugins or Buddypress with WordPress.COM.

    If you don’t know how to back up a website, you really REALLY are not in a position to turn on a multi user site.It’s not simple to manage, and YOU are responsible for all the backups.



    As raincoaster has said there is no FTP access and we cannot install plugins for security reasons. Managing a WPMU wordpress multiuser site is not a cake walk.

    There no forum or wiki that you can embed into a free hosted blog. You have three free forum options:
    You have these free wiki options

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