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    I need help! I’m completely new to the concept of developing with WP but impressed by what i’ve seen. I have a site I need to have done which typically would require custom frontend for data entry, editing the data, searching and displaying data, using a backend custom DB and development cost would be high. I’m looking for an economical solution.
    Here goes.. I’m being a bit vague while still trying to get my point across (sorry).
    The purpose of this site is to offer a place for ‘users’ to go online and enter their ‘people’s ‘ information (mutlitple people per user). They would enter this information using ‘custom fields’ and data would need to be stored for future retrieval for viewing, and editing (editing only by the user who entered them). The information will be specifics about the person; state, sport, collge preference, plus videos of the person, and a pic. Where ‘state’, ‘sport’, ‘college’ would need to be like ‘keys’ to query and display the ‘list’ of people fitting search criteria. ie.. Search by ‘NY’ state, Search by ‘Football’, etc.

    I was wondering could we use ‘catagories’ and ‘tags’ to identify key fields of the ‘person’. Can you search for data that way? Can you do the cutom fields for data entry and editing abiltiy? Basically, my question is.. is WP robust enough to handle this type of a site? Any ideas on hours of development to do something like this.. rough estimate is fine. Like 20 hours, 100 hours, 300 hours?
    Help Help.. Newbie for sure..



    It sounds like you’re wanting not Read the sticky at the top of the forum.

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