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using xmlrpc.php with flickr

  1. Hi there!

    I have wordpress installed on two places on my website--at and at . I am trying to add the "journal" one to flickr, so I can post a picture to flickr and then choose "blog this." However, it will not accept the xmlrpc.php end point. It will, however, accept the vlog one. I wondered somehow if the file was corrupt; but I see they are not interchangeable and in fact do not even look like each other.


  2. Greets:

    I'm afraid you're in the wrong spot as we're running different software than what you are running and our answers would be different. You need to be over at the forums.

  3. you want the forums.
    but you can always try re-uploading xml-rpc.php to your server (in /journal).

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