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UTC Time

  1. I'm in DC - eastern time zone, which is -5 UTC, right? but instead of my timestamp reading 11:29pm, it's reading 4:29am. the military time appears correct in my settings, though.

    what do i do?
    here's exactly what my settings say:

    hoursUTC time is 2008-12-18 4:29:44 UTC -5 is 2008-12-17 23:29:44

  2. But 23:29 is 11:29pm...?

  3. As lizii said - that looks right!

  4. right - but see the 4:29:44? THAT'S what's showing up as my posting time, not 23:29 or 11:29. Booo!

  5. and look - i just posted to this thread at 1:19pm eastern, but the timestamp above says 6:19pm!

  6. sandy13, times shown on the forum are always GMT.

    If you're referring to a blog, can you tell us which one please?

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