UTF-12 (?) encoding in feed

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    When trying to validate feed I receive the following error: http://cl.ly/2c282C0F230s1C2R0h3F

    Also, under Settings -> Reading there is no option for changing the posts and feeds encoding. http://cl.ly/090E0S2d0u2I2D04232n

    The blog I need help with is ra3pop.wordpress.com.


    Post and feed encoding is now not selectable. WordPress.COM uses UTF-8 as a default since it is the defacto default for the web now and all modern browsers support it for all languages.


    Whoa! I just checked your blog and it is indeed UTF-12. I wonder if that has to do with your language setting?

    Contact staff directly on this as they need to look into it.


    I’ll also tag this thread for their attention, but contact them directly anyway.


    With Ocean Mist active on one of my test blogs, and english set as the default language, encoding is set to UTF-8, so it is very likely a language issue.



    Thank you for your time.

    The language from Settings -> General is set to English. http://cl.ly/140z1Y0N3y2I1f152y0b


    Contact staff on this as that is the only thing I can think of. My test blog still reflects UTF-8, so there is something different between our setups somewhere.

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