UTF-8 og contact-form problem

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    Hi! I have to problems I hope you can help me solve:)

    1) I am using the encoding UTF-8. All characters are working fine in the content, but in the sidebar and the footer characters like éñëê etc… appear as sqaures… What do I have to do? I’ve heard something about that I have to save the sidebar and the footer as UTF-8???

    2) I’m using the contact-form by Douglas Karr, but when I try to deactivate the plugin, the whole site is disappearing… When I activate it again, the site appears… That is the first problem. The second is that you can’t click in the text-areas and write our name etc.. when the contact-form is in a area beside the sidebar, but below works ok. And when I try to send it says “thanks for the comments!”, but when I read it the text does not appear….. What’s happening!!?

    Thank you for help!!



    You’re in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.org. We don’t use plugins here.


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