UTF-8 Vietnamese doesnt appear properly

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    As the title said; I dont know why ; when i tried to register a free blog on wordpress.com then it did appear right; but when i host to my server then it doesnt appears right anymore.

    I’ve checked the encoding ; it was UTF-8 ; i even tried to change all the fonts in the CSS (default) to Arial ( which can display Vietnamese the best).

    Can you guys tell me what did i do wrong? Btw, im still using English lang ; but i though it should be fine; cause on the free blog on wordpress.com ; im using English also; but it can show the Vietnamese (UTF-8) ..

    Please help ; thank you very much.



    You were in the right spot when you asked that over on wp.org. Moshu corrected himself and asked a couple of questions.

    I’m wondering if it had something to do with the export method.

    I’ll drop a feedback to staff and see if we can get someone to weigh in on this.



    thanks for your reply ; i dont know why … ive checked everything but all are fine ; because my site im using some rich editors too ; but it publishes the Vietnamese (UTF-8) correctly ….

    and the weird thing is on wordpress.com is fine but not on my server.

    hope u guys can help me out

    thanks again


    try http://www.tienganhdehoc.wordpress.com to see if “Khong co tieng Viet” can help. Good luck!

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