Utilizing pictures and text in a blog post

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    In some of my posts I like to use pictures among the text. I did a post on a beer dinner last month and I had a lot of great pictures to illustrate what I was writing. However the pictures would not go where I needed them to be related to the text. I had a picture at the beginning of the post, then some writing, and then more pictures, etc. I would try and add another picture and it would be put at the very beginning AND attached to the first picture. I couldn’t move anything without the text being moved. The final layout of the post looked nothing like I was hoping for, with large gaps of space in between the pictures and the words.
    I can’t seem to figure out how to wrap the writing around the pictures so that the layout is attractive and flows easily. I also had problems with the captions I added to pictures; one or two showed up, others were missing, and yet others showed up in the preview as code and I had to delete them. I thought maybe it is the theme I am using, but I’m not sure what theme would be best to fix this problem, or if that would fix the problem.
    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is goddessofglitter.wordpress.com.

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