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Utterly Confused, Point me to help please

  1. Well, after much hype by friends, I jumped in the WordPress world feet first. I spent a fair amount of time reading through the pages and pages of how it all works. (I gotta say that WP is wordy on its instructions and getting a simple answer to a basic question is like reading an encyclopedia.)

    I figured the only way to really find out about WP is to get a paid account and a domain for my new webpage. Now I am thinking, "WTF did I waste my money on." I have used iWeb, Rapid Weaver, Webly and even DreamWeaver to design webpages and those were all very intuitive. I even spiced up iWeb sites by using 3rd party software programs, editing my own html, so I am not exactly an idiot at this. Granted I am no pro web designer, but I can usually find what needs to be fixed in a page-full of HTML code.

    Having said all of this, I need some serious training on how to use WP. I have selected a theme and every time I go to preview the page, it displays everything without any design elements, the themes are certainly not being applied. After reading the WP CSS help page, I tried to edit the CSS, and accomplished nothing.

    If anyone has any links to some basic WP training and CSS used on WP videos or instruction pages, I'd be most grateful. Please don't send links to WP help pages, I find WP's instructions too non-specific and too wordy.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. A person named Timethief on the forums is very very good at wordpress. She should be able to help you out. will help you out.

  3. Hello,

    Are you able to provide a link(s) to good tutorials on how to use WP with CSS.

    I have looked at all videos and pages on WP's site and I find them not helpful at all. Either the projected instruction is too small, or the audio is too poor. I also don't understand why WP instructors rarely ever use a projection of their desktop to show step-by-step how to do things. Instead I see live instructors on their videos, using mostly slide shows.

    I have selected many different WP themes but they never apply, all I get is a basic, design-less layout that never changes. I have paid for the CSS edit feature on WP.

    I have used iWeb, RapidWeaver and DreamWeaver for basic HTML editing, but I am finding WordPress really confusing to work with.


  4. Are you able to provide a link(s) to good tutorials on how to use WP with CSS.

    No I'm sorry I can't as there isn't one. .CSS is theme specific here at, there is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support, so please be patient waiting for one of theme to get to this thread. I will flag thie thread so it gets moved to the CSS Forum.

  5. If you go to the CSS forum, there are two threads full of resources that help you learn CSS, sticky posts at the top of the forum.

  6. I have spent an entire day watching videos and reading tutorials and I have decided that WP is not for me.

    I love the idea and the popularity of this OpenSource community, but would like a refund on my CSS editing upgrade.

    I have looked all over the WP site and there is no place to request a refund for this. However in the help section of the site it does say that refunds are available, but there is no further link or instructs on how to get it.

    The emails that I have received from WP are all from "Dont Reply". Can someone please tell me how to get a refund.


  7. I have flagged this thread so it receives Staff attention. Not to worry. For refunds please see here >

  8. Please contact us directly via [email redacted] to request a refund.

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