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    I have an upload problem on my blog where once I have uploaded a file the upload section of the ‘write a post’ page dissappears. If I reload the page and browse my images, the image has been uploaded (but no thumbnail has been made). This happens regardless of the size of the image (file size or dimensions) and only occurs some of the time (with different regularity on different machines)

    When I disable Ultimage Tag Warrior, it works fine. One of the main functionality of my site revolves around the use of this plugin so I would like to figure out a fix.

    I am using WP 2.0.3 with k2 and using the following plugins: Gravatar 1.1, Popularity Contest 1.0, Select Meta Image 0.7, Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1, Lightbos 2.0 Plugin Final v0.6, Database backup 1.7 and Tiger Style Admin 2.01.

    I have tried a clean install in a subdomain with all the same plugins and have the same problem. I have tested different combinations of the plugins and there doesn’t appear to be any conflict except between UTW and WP. Since both UTW and WP are common I am hoping that there is a fix to this problem.




    You need to copy that post to the Troubleshooting forum here:
    The right help will be there :)



    Newbie mistake – thanks!

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