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Valentines Day??

  1. flashylifestyle

    Alright men as you guys are well aware this month is Valentines day. I don't get why Valentines day is such a big issue with woman. Men we shouldn't have to take her out to eat or buy her chocolates to show her that we care and love her. We should show her everyday how much we appreciate her love. I personally think it is a made up holiday created years ago by businesses to gain revenue and woman bought into and fell in love with the idea. So here we are men another year making reservations at a crowded restaurant just to please our woman

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  2. The Support section of the forum is for problems re blogs. You should have posted that in the Off Topic section.

  3. Moved.

  4. I completely agree with Flashy Lifestyle, and believe me, when Valentine's Day rolls around every year I lead the charge in proclaiming that we should express our unyielding love for each other EVERY DAY and then not actually following through with it.

  5. beautifulfallacy

    I completely agree. While it's nice to make a special gesture to the one you love, why not be spontaneous and do it on a completely random day, rather than rolling with expectations and making even more money from those card and flower toting companies?

    Just take them by surprise one day with a considerately planned meal, or a day out you know they will enjoy? And even better yet, why not show them how much you love them more than once per year?

  6. Just surprise her one day with a new midget porn DVD. What woman wouldn't like that? Oh, and hot pockets. They love hot pockets.

  7. Yes, YES choccies every day and beautiful red carnations + plus a slap up dinner, somebody hold me down.
    I hereby declare EVERY day is Valentines day

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