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Valentines Day, what are you hoping for?

  1. Keep it clean"ish" people lol :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can't follow your instructions, so I'll say nothing. :)

  3. I'll say nothing too.


  4. To me "Valentine's day" is one of the fantasy characters of fairy tales.

  5. A massacre.

  6. Sun would be excellent.

  7. apparently people have said this already, but honestly, absolutely nothing. the hype is overrated.

  8. All of My Ex's Dancing around Wearing Flowers and Playing Harps, and Singing Songs of Woe, and Begging Forgiveness

    Hmm... Other than that

    Finding True Love wouldn't be so bad, lol


  9. Valentines Day is also my 4th anniversary with my sweetheart so I'm hoping for some serious romantic fireworks!! There may also be some naughty fun involved.... but I'm keeping those fantasies as my own lil' secrets... :)

    ..... Oooohhh... and chocolate... what's Valentines Day without chocolate?

  10. I think the Coolest Tradition that I ever had with someone that I was seeing was "Going to Denny's" and Ordering Desserts together... Just the idea of going to Denny's was hilarious in itself. (I Believe the Expensive Italian Restaurant I tried to take her to was over Booked, so we ended up at Denny's and had a great time, lol)

    Our First time we did it was in Southern California, our second time was in Portland Oregon, overlooking the City... It was a pretty cool tradition.


  11. aaroncohenphotography

    I reaaaaaaaally want to get to 4,000 views by Valentines Day! I'm at 3,829! So close!

  12. I Want What Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day
    "Next week, couples in the United States and around the world will be celebrating Valentine's Day. As you decide between buying your loved one chocolates or jewelry, we at Worldwatch hope you will also think about the gift that so many of the world's women desperately want and need: reproductive health.

    Reproductive health, including access to contraceptives and the ability to plan a family, is an essential human right. It safeguards lives and promotes families that are emotionally and economically healthy."

  13. Not to have to think "Should I heat or eat" and find a job!!!

  14. Honestly nothing. I really don't care about Valentine's Day because you should show your love for your partner every day. If my boyfriend only pays attention to me on Valentine's Day, he's in trouble!

  15. theinsanityaquarium

    My boyfriend and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, though we mark our 'half' anniversary on the 19th, and we're going out for steak and alcohol: the meal of kings. Kings, I say!

  16. The sun to rise and set. Breathing should be involved somewhere along there too.

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