Valid email address by commentators?

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    Is it possible to check the email address of commentators in my blog?
    I have set up that users need a name and email address to comment but most of them just make them up. Is it possible to enforce them to put a valid email address and check the validity?


    Paulo Matos



    Not as far as I know. You can set it so you need a account to comment, though, and that DOES insist on a working email.



    Ok, thank you!



    Even that, I cannot find a way to enforce the user to have a account. Can you guide me?



    i can’t answer your question but i do want to point out that by having restrictions you might lower your comments rate, because people prefer to be able to comment freely without having an account and such.



    Hmm, you’re right pmatos, I can’t find it. I was sure it was an option, though. But it’s not on the Discussion Options page. Sorry, must be my mistake.



    So many sites and individuals want emails to add to mailing lists. People are wise to this and are often only willing to participate if they can use a bullshit email. Some sites have the “we send a confirmation email, which gets you through the next phase” meaning the email must be valid…..but there’s a way round that too, it’s called Trashmail. Valid but temporary.

    People are sick of spam, they have been for years……they will do everything they can to protect themselves from it. That means not revealing their real emails. Personally when I sign up to a website, I rarely give my proper email at first….I use a throwaway one. That way if it gets flooded with spam, I can discard it and my real one is still clean (as it was before). If after a while their use of my throwaway email matches their promises and I have an ongoing use for the site, I change it to me real one in the options.

    My pet hate is the sites that require you to sign up to see what your signing up for…..only to find it wasn’t what you thought and you never use it again….these are prime candidates for the “we only want active emails to spam” types.

    Sulz is right though, it will cut down your comments……it’s a judgment call.



    There is no automatic check of email in place with this wordpress software, but you could try moderating the comments so it “holds” them offline until you approve them:

    Tough if you have lots of comments, but it is a workaround.



    Gotta admit that I for one whould love to see this feature. I’m getting very very tired of folks leaving comments on my blog asking (or demanding) my help with no way of contacting them. Set your blog to ‘accounts only’ and you get complaints about having to register and the like. We need a middle ground.

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