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Validate / import dutch translations

  1. Is there somebody who can validate the dutch translations of ?
    There are 250 new translations....

    Maybe is an import of the translations also an option?

  2. Hi there, thank you very much for your efforts for the Dutch version! Indeed, there are a lot of strings that are awaiting validation. I pinged the current Dutch validator and asked them to look both at this thread and the GlotPress project - hopefully, we will see some action there soon. Stay tuned!

  3. Sorry ... I'll get to it :)

  4. @arnoboerman: a friendly reminder to complete this task, as there are now even more translations pending validation (go Dutch translators!)

    A suggestion to consider: if you agree with @sdboer's translations, and if you would like to share the task of validation with someone else, and of course if @sdboer is interested, we could also add him as an additional validator.

  5. Yeah, I know, but haven't found the time to get through them all.

    I have validated and changed quite a few but I'd be happy to have someone helping me out validating.

  6. I do my best to help, but I think not all my translations are good enough.
    So I am not interested to the validator role, sorry.

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