Validated post show many errors and warnings

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    With this post:
    I went here:
    and it showed this:
    36 Errors, 25 warning(s)
    These were all (except 1) related to line 112, when I’d inserted a TED video.
    The one other error in line 59 seems to be an error in the theme: Unsleepable

    I followed the directions in Support to embed the video ( and it plays just fine.

    So why are there so many errors and warnings? Is this something to be concerned about?
    And how would I fix the code (that I did not write) for the other lone error?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have 71 errors on, most of them related to videos. Doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about them, alas.


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    ok. So your numbers seem comparable! But mine are for only 1 post, not the home page.

    I only learned about the validator site from reading posts here by thesacredpath. Some things are actually fixable (on a post by post basis), though I’ll admit it is only a thing I look at when I’m bored or avoiding actual work.

    Also, that particular post does not display well in Safari, but looks ok in Firefox. No idea about how it looks in any version of IE. (specifically the link to google books).

    I don’t care about the SEO on the blog I mentioned
    ( )
    but do you think such errors and warnings have an effect on a public, (regular searched) blog?



    After checking raincoaster, I’m guessing so. That blog gets over two thousand hits a day, yet when I do a google search for “blogathon” it comes up a full page behind my blog that is two years younger and getting 100 hits a day. That shouldn’t be happening.


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    sorry, I’m not understanding your “blogathon” reference?


    The flash used to display the videos that shows up in the page HTML when the page is generated has errors. It is the same with any of the video services. If you display videos in your blog, you will have errors.



    The “blogathon” reference was just that it’s a term I’ve used on both blogs within the past 48 hours, and a search for that term should have turned up raincoaster first, THEN raincoastermedia, but in fact it was the other way around. Actually, a third blog that’s getting fewer than a hundred hits a day outranked raincoaster; that blog has no videos at all.


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    Ok. So. But. That site is useful to see what CAN be fixed? And it is worth fixing? Even though it does not fix the problems with the way Safari displays wp blogs. (especially tables, as on another post on that blog?)

    Ok, understood.
    Well, still search engine mysteries, but…



    Unsleepable comes up clean when only text posts are on the main page: .

    Where is the post that has the table that doesn’t display correctly?


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    That would be:
    Thank you tsp!!

    It always looks fine in Firefox. But not in Safari, sometimes yes, mostly no. And the odd thing is, the same code is in the sidebar for that table. Well, a version with smaller cells in the table: copy, paste, type in smaller widths. And that always displays just fine.

    The thing is, first I wanted to make a sticky post but then decided to make it a sidebar item. But I still wonder why the table in the sticky post messes up? No big deal, because I will un-stick it soon, but why is it messing up in the first place?And even as an independent post, it does not display in Safari? It is a complicated table so perhaps I’ve messed it up myself somehow?

    re Unsleepable coming up clean:
    {The thing that looks as though it’s part of the CSS (which I did not write: no CSS upgrade) is:
    “Line 64, Column 12: end tag for “ul” which is not finished

    but I’m not worried about that. I just don’t know why it shows up on that post? No real worries, though.}


    That post looks exactly identical in Safari 4.0.2 FF 3.5.1 for me both the sidebar and the post, but that page has 36 errors, all seemingly due to problems in the table code. As an example in the source code I’m seeing this at the beginning of each tr tag:

    <tr><!-- 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 --></p>

    This repeats for all 8 rows with successive number (2, 3, 4, etc.)

    Where exactly did that come from or why is it there? You have ending “p” tags, but there are no beginning “p” tags anywhere.

    And the <!-- 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 --> creates parsing errors.

    That page needs to be cleaned up. That might actually be why Safari is sometimes not liking it.


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    Aw, yes.

    The </p> code is not anything I am putting in myself. I just want the <!-- NUMBERS --> there so I can read the HTML easily, but wp apparently puts in the end paragraph code on its own.

    Is it not possible to use the <!– etc code to make invisible comments in HTML here?

    I think (???) I tried adding a begin p code but it messed up the table. May be I didn’t, though? Only considered it? I tried so many different approaches that I don’t remember. None of them worked. A more efficient person than I would have noted the failures so as not to try them again and again.

    But the same code is in the sidebar image. Do you think the editors are different for posts and for sidebars?

    Both of my brothers, engineers, write programming code and complain about “bloat.” Maybe my table is approaching the limit of the convolutions?


    WP typically ignores or strips comments as far as I know. W3C obviously has a problem with it, but perhaps it is the ending p tag causing the issues.

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