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    Hi all!
    Normally, my blog validate w3c’s html test without problems, but anytimes (with, or without comments), I recived this three errors in any posts:

    # Error  Line 126 column 2009: an attribute value specification must be an attribute value literal unless SHORTTAG YES is specified. post.					<a href="#respond" title="Añade">Añade un co
    # Error Line 126 column 2018: "un" is not a member of a group specified for any attribute.
    ...a>.					</a><a href="#respond" title="Añade">Añade un comentario 
    # Error Line 126 column 2028: an attribute value literal can occur in an attribute specification list only after a VI delimiter.
    ... href="#respond" title= Añade un comentario">Añade un comentario </a> o dej
    Have you forgotten the "equal" sign marking the separation between the attribute and its declared value? Typical syntax is attribute="value".

    The link or this is: Link

    My theme is Sandbox.

    [edited to show source within valaidation and to fix the display of the errors – drmike]



    Send in a feedback and point out that the comment link is missing a beginning quote within the link to the comments on the single.php page:

    <a href="#respond" title= Añade un comentario">

    At least that’s what I’m seeing right off. If you look at those errors, you will note that the validator is “picking” on letters within words. Sounds like a broken validitation but I do see the issue up above. Rather strange actually.

    Hope this helps,





    This seems like a language issue. I have had no errors with Sandbox.

    By the way entomoagricola, your design is beautiful.



    Brent, you do note that the poster is validating a single post page and not the home page, right? It threw me when I noticed that so I wanted to mention it.

    It does look weird though as the validator is picking up on single characters like that. It may very well be the characters.


    @brentroos, thanks :)

    Like all you can see, the initial page validate without problems (99% thanks to its creator), but any page posts, no. Is very rare.



    I didn’t see that either. It was probably too late at night, lol!



    If it’s the individual Post pages, then it does sound like an issue with the single.php file with the theme.

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