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    Dear Translation Team,

    I would like to become a validator for translations in the Hungarian language which currently, for the most part, is poorly translated, out of context and without proper meaning. I speak fluent Hungarian and English.
    I would like validators to request access only to the and all project hungarian translation.
    I initiated the call for Hungarian users, which I ask for their help in the localization.

    Initiative in Hungarian:

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m already Jetpack plugin validator. :)
    I’m sorry the new comment.



    Thank you for your help! I added you as a validator for Hungarian across all projects. The one we need most help with (also the biggest one) is

    I also noticed that you guys have a GlotPress translation project for Jetpack 1.2.2 on your Hungarian community site. As that version is out of date, and as we only release translations that have been entered here into the most recent active version, I recommend you remove or replace that link. Thanks!


    Thank you very much dear Jenia!


    Dear Jeina,

    Please upgrade to the Hungarian language gravatar

    Hungarian 90%+

    Thank you!



    @idesignsmedia: thank you, great work! Deploying Gravatar translations is a bit more complex than deploying translations, so it does not happen as frequently. I submitted a request for it to be done. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!



    Dear Localization Team,
    I’d like to help with the Hungarian translations also, therfore I’m asking you to please grant me validator permissions.
    First I’m going to start with :) because it seems to be the biggest project ;) and I think thats the most urgent.
    Thanks Hgrg



    Hi Hrgr, thanks for offering your help. As we have an active validator for Hungarian already, could you please start by suggesting new translations? Anyone can suggest translations, you don’t have to be a validator. We try not to have too many validators per language to avoid confusion. Thanks!


    Dear Jenia

    Please Change the name of my account idesignsmedia to form kardiweb the gravatar, and pages. I would like to continue to stay in the validator page but name kardiweb . There is an old account called kardiweb. Please it wipe.

    Email: [removed by @jenia to prevent spam]



    @idesignsmedia: I have added @kardiweb as the validator for Gravatar and in Hungarian.

    I see that some 8512 strings have been added/updated in the past two weeks – that’s fantastic! What’s your secret, do you have a lot of people helping out with the translation?


    Dear Jenia,

    Thank you very much!
    The secret: translators and translate only as time allows. : )


    Please upgrade to the Hungarian language gravatar!



    Dear Jenia!
    Coming soon will be fixed. : )

    @kardiweb gravatar url:

    user name:

    I didn’t get it right the validator. : (

    Please enter your user @kardiweb right validator.
    I will delete this Idesignsmedia account.

    Thank you dear Jenia! . )



    Thank you dear Jenia! : )



    Thanks for the update, I’ve re-added “kardiweb” as the validator for Hungarian – and Gravatar translation projects.

    Please be careful when adding/changing translations, now that you are a validator. It’s better to go not quite as slowly than create confusion for users by adding empty or inaccurate translations.

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