Validator Request for Myanmar (Burmese)

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    Hi there,

    If it’s related to Myanmar Language, I’m always ready for it. I’m fond of writing and also translating especially English to Myanmar. Currently, I’m translating as admin and translate TED talks, too.

    The reason I wanna translate for WordPress is not only because I like translating but also because I love WordPress. Three years ago, I made a blog and moved it to .org in 2008 which is being blogged on my own language. As I wanna blog in English for some reasons, I made a new blog and found the chance to translate it into Myanmar. There are quite a number of Myanmar bloggers and I wanna let them blog easily and comfortably. As far as I know, whenever a new blogger wishes to blog, he or she approaches an experienced blogger to help to set the blog up. I hope if whole dashboard is written in Myanmar Language, it won’t be necessary to do it anymore.

    So, I’d like to translate and also help as a validator by ensuring the most accurate & smooth translation for all strings.

    Thanks million!

    The blog I need help with is


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