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  1. I just purchased Value Bundle as you can see & it keeps asking weather or not I want to add a domain? I already have a domain added which expires on August 5th surely you will transfer this to my value bundle? should I disable auto renew of I have to do anything?
    Thanks for your time
    Fergus Miller
    Blog url:

  2. The Value Bundle upgrade features a new custom domain, and unfortunately cannot be applied as a renewal for an existing custom domain. I apologize for the confusion.

  3. So on the 5th August I can stop the other existing custom domain and then start it again on the value bundle?

  4. Not necessarily. Expired domains become the property of our registrar partner and are either recoverable with an additional $80 fee (not our fee and not covered by the value bundle), awarded to someone else via a back order, or simply returned to the public market at their discretion (usually after a 90 day delay).

    In short, I don't recommend letting your domain expire.

    However, it is entirely possible that we may have a way to renew domains with the bundle by August.

  5. I own the what would be the problem? Are we talking about the same thing here?

  6. Oh, if you're referring to the domain mapping, then yes, you could let the mapping expire and re-purchase it via the bundle's domain credit.

  7. So referring to my original question do I have to do anything?

  8. Yes, disable auto-renew on the domain mapping upgrade. Once it expires, you'll be able to add it via the bundle.

    Alternatively, we can cancel the domain mapping upgrade for you at any time.

  9. Ok so I have disabled the auto renew on domain mapping upgrade and it runs out on September 4th.

    Will my Value Bundle automatically take over the domain mapping from September 4th or do I have to change some settings? If so when?

    Thanks for your help.

  10. When your Domain Mapping upgrade expires, you'll need to re-add the Domain Mapping by going to your Store -> Domains page and entering "" in the text box next to "Add domain to blog."

    If you'd like, we can also cancel your current Domain Mapping upgrade now if you'd like to use the domain credit in your Value Bundle right now.

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