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Value of blogging for the isolated

  1. Wow. I was just reading some ex-pat woman's blog ..she's living and trying to cope in Saudi Arabia. I think blogging for her and other folks like her who feel trapped by societal constraints (it's quite strict for women there), it real therapy/mental survival.

    At least blogging if one has an audience from other parts of the worlds, provides a window for the person.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. she's living and trying to cope in Saudi Arabia, trapped by societal constraints

    "Trapped" I think not, if she is there for employment and not happy, then she should find another venue for her talents, if she is there because of love and unhappy well that is up to her, to communicate her feelings...

  3. No, she is a full -time mother from Canada (but who is Muslim) and raising her 3 kids. We have to be realistic instead of being too careless of what it means to be a parent with responsibility of young children.

    Is this what you say to someone on her blog who is depressed?

  4. phoenixtearsheal

    Maide can you provide a link to her blog? I know I don't do comments but I could click some likes at least :)

  5. Dovesgold: I can't seem to find your contact form on your blog. Please provide link so that I can post the blog URL.

  6. Why doesn't somebody set up a relief fund? I won't.

  7. Just making an observation, marcmarrs. There have been posts by some bloggers on whether or not blogging can be a form of therapy.

    No need to be scarastic. We all fall down at different times in life.

    Dovesgold is simply a generous person...always needed in a virtual Internet forum.

  8. If it's a wordpress blog you could post the link here, maidie. As for blogging to help with depression - in my opinion, anything that helps someone get free of depression is good.

    C'mon people, show some sympathy even if you can't show empathy.

  9. Actually the blog is a Blogger platform: I believe cycling is the other activity metaphor for therapy.

    I can vouch that cycling for myself has been for different times in my life, therapeutic, so I know what bloging and cycling combined together means to a person, in terms of benefits both physical and mental.

  10. I have Bi-Polar and blogging has been a God send for me. It's certainly been a boost to my confidence and self esteem which is frequently at a very low ebb. I would definitely recommend it as a form of therapy for depression of all kinds. I get such a kick knowing that my blog is being read all over the globe when, this time last year I was reluctant to let anyone read what I'd written. Plus you get to 'meet' some really nice, helpful people and get feedback.

    Blogging, the new Prozac. :)

  11. "blogging, the new prozac..."

    but no less habit forming, alas! ;)

  12. I couldn't agree more with Jessie. Blogging for me has been an invaluable help as I use it to purge, to get everything difficult and challenging out of my system. My blog is a place where I can let everything out uncensored. I would go as far as to say that I most likely would have been nuts by now if I didn't have this outlet.

  13. phoenixtearsheal

    Thanks maidie :) shame she isn't on wp or we could say hello.

    Depression is hell :(
    I agree blogging is helpful for all kinds
    of illnesses and stressful times;
    and for laughter and joyful times too :)

  14. @dovesgold - you (we) can still say 'hello'! I had a look and she's got a 'name/website' comment option there, which should - hopefully - allow the comment to go through, unless blogger's commenting system has got worse (which is possible). The main thing here is that forums doesn't really like to have links to any blogs other than ones... (not surprisingly, I suppose, though I've not noticed any or many links to other blogs taken down unless they're spam). :)

  15. phoenixtearsheal

    Aaah, thanks Bird :)

  16. strawberryindigo

    I have been truly touched by some people and their life stories. This is a community, although a strange one but one nonetheless. It takes all kinds, even the sarcastic, I guess.
    I have found blogging to be perfect therapy for me and others I have met in my virtual travels of the last 7 months. It has helped me tremendously with my Asperger's and with my writing skills.

  17. This Canadian blogger on his list of Awesome things became a best selling author of book and spawned some awesome observing communities worldwide.

    He began his blog for therapeutic reasons.

  18. @Dear Maidiebike: You sound like a very protective friend. I really didn't mean to give offense but I guess I did. Feelings are important and you have my sincere apology. Stay protective. Warm regards.

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