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Vampires or Werewolves?

  1. If you were bitten and cursed with being an immortal creature of the night which one would it be? Would you be a blood sucking Vampire or a flesh-eating werewolf. Today I posted a simple observation of vampires at Tomorrow, I will be posting my take on werewolves. Come and visit, and then decide.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Vampire definitely, I don't want flees and there's something about Vampires that just seem ace, e.g. Spike

  3. A man tears through the forest, the dark surrounding him, his senses heightened as he runs for his life. Behind him a howling can be heard as he nears a large pool of water, the Full Moon upon it. The man tries to get his breath, as he suddenly hears a slight growl. He turns only to see some sort of Man Beast whose eyes are deep glowing yellow.

    Man - "Please... No..." He pleads as the Beast as about to tear him from limb to limb. Suddenly, like a shadow from the sky, a Pale, yet Attractive man in a long black Cape appears behind the man, smiles at the Wolf Man Beast, and sinks his teeth into the unsuspecting victim.

    Man - "Ahhhh!!!" His body slumps over, and falls to the ground, The Vampire then looks at the Wolf Man with a sneer.

    Wolf Man - "Ah man, why you gotta be like that... I'm starving, and you in yer Fancy Smancy Cape... Ah man"

    Vampire - "Because I'm better than you old boy..." With this, the Vampire tears back into the night. The Wolf Man Defeated, turns and walks away, noting how he's torn another one of his many flannel shirts to shreds.

    "Well I'm not eating another man's leftovers, I'll tell you that right now..." He grumbles as he goes.

    I'll have to say Vampires, but Werewolves definitely get the shorter end of the stick, lol

  4. @Pd nice piece by the way

  5. Thank you. Good story. It's true than werewolves aren't respected as much. Vampires are often depicted as smarter, and in control, while werewolves are just uncontrollable beasts at the mercy of the full moon.

  6. I still need to see The Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro... My Brother says it's good. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans was pretty good though, and the Head Werewolf Lucian was pretty smart. Werewolves finally got some due respect.

  7. theinsanityaquarium

    Vampires! Unless Keith Buckley is we'rewolfing with me, though, obviously :D

  8. Thanks everyone for your opinions. Today I hope to get my post on werewolves out.

  9. My take on Vampires

  10. I liked your post on Vampires. As I man I understand that Vampires aren't real, but woman often base their expectations of love and romance on these imaginary characters. An average guy can't compete with this.

  11. I just posted my story on Werewolves. You may see some similarities with Vampires, as films, TV and books are reshaping the image of the once out-of-control, vicious, flesh-eating beasts.

  12. greatlakessocialist

    I would have an excuse to put on a ridiculous accent if I was a Vampire...

    But then again being a Werewolf would conveniently explain my dark masses of body hair...

    Oh my. I have no idea.

  13. The Werewolf one is also a good Post

  14. Thank you. I haven't decided yet which one I would be. If I was either a Vampire or a Werewolf, I would like to be like the ones depicted in the past, not the ones in twilight movies.

  15. wastelandexplorer

    I think I would be a vampire werewolf combined. That way I could choose wether to drink or eat. Also I would be able to go out in daytime.

  16. I think I would prefer being a vampire to being a werewolf, there is far less shaving to do in the morning before work.
    But now I know realize how hard it must be for a vampire to shave, since they cant use mirrors...
    ...So now I;m not sure.

  17. Thanks for your input. It's tough to decide. I like your idea (Wastelandexplorer) of a combination. I was also thinking about (dlager's) thoughts on vampires shaving. Do they shave. I've never seen a vampire with a beard, or even a three-day growth.

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